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We work closely with manufacturers to provide new top of line facility equipment to fit your needs. Our experienced staff are professional and proficient.



At Alpha, we understand the importance of the integrity of your equipment and facility operations.

We offer a planned maintenance program which significantly reduces the failure rate and keeps the facility functioning properly.  

Roll Up Doors

Space-saving, durable, and secure solutions for businesses. Easy to operate, customizable options, enhancing security while maximizing usable space. Ideal for warehouses, garages, and loading docks.

High Speed Doors

Swift, efficient, and reliable. Speed up operations, minimize temperature fluctuations, and improve workplace safety. Perfect for busy entrances, distribution centers, and cleanrooms.

Rolling Grille

Flexible and secure. Provide visibility and airflow while protecting against unauthorized access. Ideal for storefronts, malls, and spaces requiring controlled access and ventilation.

Coiling Doors

Space-efficient, robust, and customizable. Perfect for areas with limited overhead clearance. Enhance security and access control for storefronts, warehouses, and industrial settings.

Edge Of Dock

Streamline loading and unloading operations. Designed to bridge the gap between dock and truck, optimizing efficiency and safety. Ideal for loading docks in various industries.

Strip Curtain

Versatile and cost-effective. Control temperature, dust, noise, and insects while allowing easy access. Suitable for warehouses, walk-in coolers, and industrial environments.

Rolling Steel

Heavy-duty and durable. Provide maximum security and protection. Suitable for high-traffic areas, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Customizable options are available for specific needs.

Dock Levelers

Facilitate safe and efficient loading/unloading. Bridge the gap between docks and trailers. Improve productivity and reduce the risk of accidents in busy distribution centers and logistics hubs.

Barrier Gates

Control access and enhance security. Efficiently manage vehicle flow and prevent unauthorized entry. Ideal for parking lots, gated communities, and commercial facilities.

Man Doors

Convenient pedestrian access to buildings. Durable and secure with various locking options. Complementing aesthetics while ensuring safety and smooth entry for employees and visitors.


Provide controlled access and security for businesses. Customizable options, including sliding, swinging, or barrier gates. Enhance safety and protect valuable assets.

Industrial Fans

Efficiently circulate air, regulating temperature and improving ventilation. Enhance worker comfort and productivity. Ideal for warehouses, factories, and large industrial spaces.